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This project was made possible thanks to a scholarship granted by the Colombian Ministry of Culture. The scholarship was an art residency in Taller 7 in Medellín, where I stayed for seven weeks working on the surveillance image and its relation to the context of the city.

During this time, an exploration of the context was made through excursions in the center of the city -where the residence was located- and the observation of televised content on the regional Teleantioquia channel. After this exploration, I decided, from a series of actions –related to the intervention of spaces, photography and video recording– to propose my experience in the residence as an exploration of the concepts tense calm and pain. These concepts, in turn, are related to the social conditions that the country has been experiencing for several years, and which form the basis of our way of relating to the city and the other.

On that occasion, I decided to suggest with actions developed during the residency, a way of thinking about these issues and difficulties from the experience of critical thinking within the artistic practice. I decided to take advantage of the enriching dynamics that the artistic residences add to the process of creation and (critical) thinking due to the immersion and exploration of foreign or unknown contexts.

The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, AUC) was a right-wing paramilitary counterinsurgency and terrorist organization that participated in the internal armed conflict in Colombia. It was consolidated at the end of the 1990s and the main objective was, in principle, to combat illegal leftist organizations (guerrilla groups) in various regions of Colombia. The AUC was supported by cattle farmers, landowners, and drug cartels, whereby drug trafficking was their main source of income, followed by kidnapping and extortion. They also collaborated with several members of the Armed Forces and maintained close ties with multiple Colombian politicians.
The activities of the organization were characterized by their barbarism and extreme violence, being responsible for numerous murders and massacres of civilians and trade unionists, as well as the displacement of numerous communities. Intimidation, harassment and military force were the main methods used for the dispossession of land and to bring whole regions under its control. To show its presence and power within a territory, the paramilitary group used messages painted on buildings or pamphlets, always signed with the acronym AUC. These messages were used to warn and intimidate the population, causing fear and panic within the communities. In 2006, the AUC was demobilized. However, several members of the AUC incurred again in their criminal actions and formed insurgent groups called emerging criminal groups (bacrim).

The onomatopoeia is the textual
representation of a sound.

AUCH is an onomatopoeia that refers to a verbal and spontaneous reaction to pain.

Pain can be sensory or emotional.

War is sensory and emotional.