Acerca de la luz,
encima de los arboles,
sobre la mirada.

About the light,
over the trees,
about the view.

[ Ongoing project ]
This project consists in the dismantling of a concrete experience. My aim is to present, via various channels, an experience of the view of the superficial and its ambiguous relationship with the deep. (Sobre has two meanings in Spanish: 1. Preposition about/2. Preposition over something). Questions about the light, its interaction with the objects, the relationship with the nature and abov all the lack of answers, pose an approximation to the vision which loses interest in attempting to find the definitions within the event and rather intends to consider multiple perspectives which help to understand the general state of the event of the “gaze”. Thereby – maybe – to perceive the strange is not necessarily to lift the veil of mystery which appears in the moment of the attempt to capture the experience.