Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya

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Acerca de la luz,
encima de los arboles,
sobre la mirada.

About the light,
over the trees,
about the view.

[ Ongoing project ]


This project is a reflection still in process, which starts from questions about polysemic words and their relationship with (video) recordings of nature. These concerns with regards to polysemy are born of the reflection of the lecture of the Spanish preposition sobre (in English: about, over, on), leaving in evidence its multiple meanings, especially those that are related to referring to something, about something or being on top of something. This interest arises due to a poetic concern in writing and its possible links with the conception of the organic as a force of creation.

The multiple possibilities and ramifications that emerge from the word, migrate to the way in which the image is recorded and is put in relation with other images, other visual contents – such as video, sound or objects – or even the text itself.

The exploration has focused on experimentation and due to polysemy questions have emerged in relation to duality, uncertainty, multiple readings and the search for connections that may exist between the word and the tree, or the text and the forest.