Associations for the surveilled liberty

Winning project for the artist residency at Taller 7 / Medellín, Colombia - Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for National Artist Residencies 2016
----------This project was realized during one of the national artist residencies of the Ministry of Culture in Medellín at the end of the year 2016. Its intention was to demonstrate the sensation of calm tension, experienced while living in the context of the region (Antioquia) for a month and a half. Departing from the onomatopoeia AUCH, a series of graffities in the city centre was created which carry with them the sensation of pain and at the same time bring to mind the popular texts of the paramilitaries (autodefensas /self-defence groups) of the first five years of the 21st century.

Accompanied by a flag of Antioquia, showing a modification of the title of an association located in Medellín. The association, ALIVI (asociación para la libertad vigilada/Association for the surveilled liberty) served as the stimulus for the project which pretends to demonstrate the dynamics of the legal and illegal control, still existent in the valle de burra and its surroundings.

Intervention in public spaces / Medellín, Colombia.

Archive images for research and reference - taken from the web // Associations for the surveilled liberty

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