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Dynamic observable state


Finalist Premio Arte Joven Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño
(Award for young and aspiring Colombian artists and artists resident in Colombia aged under 35).


The main characteristic of a dynamic observable space is the occurrence of a regulated event. This regulated event is mediated by the alternating juxtaposition of foreign elements in a specific situation, thereby being a state of superficial simulation, emitting a fiction or scene. In this case, the regulated event is a speculative state of observation from the distance.
The capture, the archive, the surveillance, and some other related semantic problems, are assumed as an event, produced by the syntax of the surveyor observing the indefinite, the picture of the captured event and the sound as a product of the compilation of audio archives. The intention is to propose or suggest that this fiction, based on real occurrences, departs from the dilated expectation of something that never happens. The surveillance image is contradictory. It presents itself as a state of defence of a concrete episode, but at the same time it initiates this (potentially), stimulating the expectation of the observer. There, in this elongation of this interval between the willingness to…and the non-appearance of…is where the fiction of a present emptiness lies.

(The void is full. From nothing, but full).

By demonstrating the present as an extensive space without direction towards a determined happening, the appearance of the expectation of the present converts itself in a loop, which can only repeat itself, being the cause and the effect of its own fiction. The detached image of the ocean, again fractionized, presents the idea of rivers without direction which hit the coast, carrying with them the experience of immensity. When the word passed on to the state of expectation, it can only comment on what is happening, precision or force of the happening. A present which was, is, and will be. Discourse waiting to possibly become the ocean.

More than sufficient: Enough. Immense.

Capturing the ocean is no more than a failed action, but still necessary to maybe get a feeling of the things in the virtual waves of a dynamic observable state.

–Sonorous synchronization of recordings of the sea reproduced by the mouthpiece of the microphone.–