–bald / pronto–
Sketches for prompt intervention / 2020

–Una foto antes de tomar el sol–
Cartagena, Colombia / 2015

1:32 am / 01.01.2019 - Guadalajara de Buga, Colombia

Acerca de la luz,
encima de los arboles,
sobre la mirada.

The void is full. From nothing, but full.
Dynamic observable state

 –Beyond the attempt to finalize a process of academic creation with a concrete conclusion I have decided to propose this open space – understood at first as a term – to address the uncertainty as an artistic problem. Uncertainty as a possibility to raise and ask questions, a possibility to preserve the movement of the (artistic) processes themselves. My interest is exactly there, in the unsolved midpoints, in the transitional states and not in the concluding ends.–
Centrifugal force 

Medellín, Colombia / 2016
Associations for the surveilled liberty

The onomatopoeia is the textual
representation of a sound.

AUCH is an onomatopoeia that refers to a
verbal and spontaneous reaction to pain.

Pain can be sensory or emotional.

War is sensory and emotional.

–But that always happens,
otherwise there would be no change in the time...–

S talking about the new template. Just a few seconds ago. Dom. 1:07pm 05. 01. 2020

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