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Planemo X036 is the result of the strangeness which the extended observation is facing. Its structure (still unstable) is the consequence of recordings or captures of audio-visual material which run indefinitely in the web. The emissions via simultaneous transmission of security cameras are the raw material of the information which is collected and exposed in a kind of (astronomical) observatory. I call it astronomical observatory because, without doubt, an analogy exists between the strangeness of the surveillance images (due to the difficulty to determine its origin or identify what they are) and the idea of a celestial body. There is no such thing as the look into the star-spangled sky because simply this is not necessary.
The experience of the immensity is not caused (solely) by the presence of the void which is evident. The encounter with the nothing is experienced as expansion, meanwhile the moment of the happening extents in an indefinite way. The recordings of the security cameras presented here, are captures of dead moments, proposing an experience of extended time and the uncertain image, thereby suggesting an approach to what could be defined as a spatial body without physical presence. Maybe the first spatial body located in the extensive void/emptiness in a new virtual nothing. A surface of nothing.

A profound shallowness. Some spatial bodies are not physical bodies. For now, the surface does not produce vigorous actions. The weight without mass impedes the determination of dimension. Don’t stop to grow, or we lose the size.