Cali, Colombia. 1991

Student of Kunst und Medien
(Arts and Media) at the UdK - Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany.

Master of Plastic Arts from the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano and Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Javeriana in Bogotá.

Lives and works in Bogotá and Berlin.


Selected artist for the FECIBogotá/International Independent Film Festival of Bogotá – Title of the film: Today is Wednesday


- Planemo X036 – Individual exhibition in the gallery Galeria Docecerocero in Bogotá
- Young artists prize – Foundation Gilberto Alzate Avendaño in Bogotá
- Centrifugal force – Master’s degree project in the museum of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano


- Participant in the exhibition Desde la pintura 2016, University of Javeriana
- Finalist in the Young Artists Prize of Colsanitas, gallery Nueveochenta in Bogotá
- Participant in the arts residency Taller 7 in Medellín:
+ Project one: Y respirar o mediante mientras (And breath o through meanwhile”)
+ Project two: Associations for watched liberty - Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the national arts residency 2016/Taller 7 – Medellín, Colombia


- MGT1 – exhibition of the Bachelor’s degree projects of the University of Javeriana in Casa Común
- Esta mar desierta - Guest artist in the exhibition of Master of Plastic and Visual Arts in the National University / Bogotá, Colombia.
- Selected for the section Artecamara 2015 at ARTBo (Bogotá Art Exhibition)
- Exhibition Escatologías - independent space for the arts Salón comunal in Bogotá.


- Participant in the exhibition La casa habla in Casa Común (independent space for arts)
- Individual Bachelor’s degree project “La casa” in Casa Común.


- Project Field station Honda by the artist Mark Dion for the foundation Flora ars+natura.


- Exhibition for painting “Cuatro Puertas” in the gallery Mezzanine Galeria
- Participant in the exhibition “Formato Chic”, gallery for contemporary art “Galeria MAS”.


- Organizer and participant in the exhibition for printmaking of the independent space of arts Taller Trez, Higher Institute of the Arts in La Havana, Cuba.


- Salon for Visual Arts of the Javeriana University
- Event “Grabado Bogotano” in the Galeria Casa 15-16 (Printmaking of artist resident in Bogotá).



- Mincultura – Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the national arts residency 2016/Taller 7 – Medellín, Colombia

Prizes and awards

- Mincultura – Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the publication of an illustrated book, album, comic, and graphic novel 2015 – Illustrator for the graphic novel “Tanta sangre vista”. Editorial ReyNaranjo

- Mincultura – Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the creative use of bibliographical and document heritage 2018
Statement /
My work consists in approaching gaze as a problem of thought. Thinking about the image from light, time and words has led me to the exploration of and encounter with a specific interest in the conception of movement and its relationship with the observation of events -from natural to fictional- and the poetic interpretation.

My interest in the gaze is caused by a memory, an image engraved on my memory. The image is a scene, and, in this scene, two people are observing each other. One of them is me. But my memory consists of what the other saw. Or the intent to understand what the other saw, what I imagined what this image was in the eyes of the other. I remember that I saw two dilated pupils, exposed to natural light. That is to say that I looked at them, while they saw me – among all that they saw – overexposed. Bathing in its flash. Incandescent. To me and to the things, moving. I have the suspicion that in these eyes, in this image that I (re-)create in my mind, I merged with the things, with the light. With time. I became unrecognizable for the duration of this imagen. Indescribable. I was the object of a unique experience.
They didn’t see me -the eyes, the gaze-, they saw everything at once.

The questions that arise from thinking about this event – observation and reflection about personal experiences – are the sources that nourish my production of images and my conceptual search. By means of photography, video, and texts I try to transmit the sensation that the reflection about this memory has caused inside of me. My attempts to share what constitutes me, are a chain of reactions that jointly intent to reveal this image that sustains me. That experience that I once was.